Hitman: Absolution interview


Following on from last week’s Hitman Absolution preview, we’ve got a fresh interview with gameplay director Cristian Everdam. During our murdery discussion, we grill him on why we’ve not seen the series’ traditional sandbox areas yet, making Agent 47 more powerful than even before and the possibility of seeing PS2 HD remakes of Blood Money and Silent Assassin. Where are the big levels? The sandbox areas full of options?

At the moment we are focusing on locations. The first location was Chicago, it was setting the story of the hunter being hunted. In the orphanage we really tried to pick a space that was easy to understand enough to understand as an audience so we could play it twice and show you different way of playing that space. And in the end we are going to a town called Hope but exactly what that means is something to find out.

So can you bring us to speed wit the story so far?

In Absolution what we’ve been showing so far is that 47 begins by killing his handler Diana, which is as personal as you can get for 47. It sends him on a search for this girl called Victoria. In the demo we’ve been showing today you end up in this orphanage and what we also show is this business guy Blake Dexter is also looking for Victoria. He sends one of his associates if you will, Wade to search for Victoria. We can say in many ways that Wade is the opposite to 47 in the sense that he is really tearing the place apart, he’s noisy and messy.

Is Wade 47’s nemesis?

No, that would be Blake Dexter. Although Wade is one of your main targets. Obviously you meet a lot of different enemies.

Who’s the limping character?

That was Lenny, that’s Blake Dexter’s son and he also plays quite a big part in Absolution.

Is Victoria Diana’s daughter?

Victoria is definitely not Diana’s daughter.

The very first trailer, with the woman in the shower, it wasn’t clear that was Diana. Was that intentionally uncertain?

At the beginning we just teased it but a lot of franchise fans immediately suspected what was going on. We wanted the journey for 47 to be more personal this time and for a guy that’s pretty ice cold that’s about as close as you can get. One of his closest human relations.

We saw a teaser trailer that implied Diana had gone rogue before being killed by 47?

The reason for why that happens is something you’ll have to find out when you play the game.

 The ICA Agency targeted Diana for assassination and gave the job to 47, are they back after the problems in Blood Money?

There were problems, But ICA is definitely still playing a part in Absolution. It’s still an actor in the plot.