Uncharted 3: New DLC gets release date

Uncharted 3

Announced this morning on a now removed post on the EU PlayStation Blog, four new Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps will arrive on the PSN tomorrow.  Available in the US today, and detailed in a post on the US PlayStation Blog, the Cave, Fort, Lost City and Sanctuary maps from Uncharted 2 have been reworked and polished with new lighting effects and technical changes. Not only that but Naughty Dog have also announced two ‘Rogues’ packs as future DLC where can you can play as villains and minor thugs from the game and a ‘Donut’ pack for giant sizing your favourite characters.

The DLC will have a special introductory price of £3.19 (according to the taken down post) which will go up to £7.19. Members of the Fortune Hunters Club will receive the content for free.


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