Saints Row 3 DLC adds sporting spectacle, giant ball of twine

Saints Row 3 PS3 update

With Superbowl XLVI just around the corner on 2 February, what better way to commemorate American football’s greatest spectacle than with a new slice of absolutely mental DLC for THQ’s open world shooter? The Genkibowl VII Saints Row 3 PS3 update has a distinctly sporting vibe, and adds new costumes, weapons, vehicles and activities to the mentally unstable open-worlder.

The Genkibowl VII DLC promises to deliver ‘All the excitement of sports’ greatest moments, all the ridiculous action of a foreign game show, and you as the star of it all.’ There’s even some colour commentary to accompany your various forms of slaughter.

Add to that a sad panda with a chainsaw, some dancing energy drinks, a shark, and… it’s probably better just to watch the trailer.

Expect this new DLC offering to hit the EU PS store imminently. In the US it’s priced at $5.99, so expect something similar in sterling.