The five PS2 classics we want on iPhone NOW

5. Okami

It doesn’t have the legendary muscle of GTA 3, but not porting Okami to iPhone makes less sense than deliberately smashing your own testes with a meat tenderiser. It’s even more infuriating when you realise how many limp-bristled painting apps are already stinking up the Apple iShop-o-market. Surely there’s room in there for PS2’s most essential wolf-god simulator thing? There are bigger games (shut the gob, Kratos), but the tech is perfectly geared to Okami’s mystical finger-swooshing.

Those cel shaded graphics would be a total eye-feast, and there’s just the right amount of elitist smuggery to play it in public for extra cool points. The gods are angry that this doesn’t exist already. And by ‘gods’, we mean ‘us’.

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