The five PS2 classics we want on iPhone NOW


It’s still kind of amazing that GTA 3 is now on iPhone. Ten years ago that was cutting edge tech running on the biggest console in the world (So that’s GTA 5 on iPhone 14 in 2022, yeah?). Today it’s a half gig download in your pocket. Technology, eh? So now we know how easy it is to get PS2 games up and running on smartphones (it is easy isn’t developers? Good) here are the essential PlayStation games we want to see make the leap to to a handset near you.

1. Silent Hill 2


One thing that’s always ropey about mobile games is the controls. Happily, that’s even more of a reason to stamp our feet and demand a port of the most terrifying game on PS2. Stilt-walking blindfolded up a jelly escalator is easier than navigating your way through Konami’s survival horror classic, but it somehow adds to the experience. Such is the level of pant-wettiness in the James Sunderland’s repress-’em-up nightmare that it would be like having a tiny portal to hell in the palm of your hand.

Failing that, they could always just make it play that crackling radio noise that’s so scary it even gives Pyramid Head the collywobbles. Brrrr.

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