Skyrim PS3 lag fixed in next 1.4 update


Right, they’ve said it now. No going back. Next time Skyrim updates on my PS3 I want flicker free draugr immolating and dragons that go in the right direction. After loads of issues with PS3 Skyrim lag caused by massive save files and a ram issue, a tweet from Bethblog says the issue is about to be ‘addressed’ this month.

They made the claim answering a tweet asking about PS3 lag, stating “we’re addressing that in the 1.4 update planned for this month”. It’s good news after the first attempt to fix the issue proved a very temporary measure and the last 1.3 update, by Bethesda’s own admission, wasn’t meant to deal with the problem anyway. I’ll keep you posted. If it is a full fix (oh please God yes) then maybe we can do something about that painful 7/10 Skyrim PS3 review score and I can walk through Markarth without feeling like I’m having a┬áseizure.


Skyrim ps3 lag update fix

Here’s a video of just how bad the Skyrim PS3 lag can get. It’s not pretty.