CES update – PlayMemories on PS3 and Vita


With all the tech news that’s spilling out of  Las Vegas at the moment,  Sony’s updated PlayMemories is an exciting prospect for those of us with a problematic camera addiction. Using cloud based storage, PlayMemories will now let you access all your photographs not just from your computer but compatible televisions and smart phones as well as PS3 and Vita.

You won’t just be able to view them either, the PlayMemories Studio for PS3 means you can tweak your photos and videos to your hearts content and post them easily onto Facebook or YouTube.  It’s definitely an interesting use for your analogue sticks as you crop, zoom and rotate those all important pictures of your cat before sending them into the feline obsessed inter-webs.  Using RemotePlay wirelessly with Vita also means you can access not only the photos on your PS3, but also on any hard drives or devices that are connected to your PS3.  Provided you are connected to wireless internet, this means you can carry all your pictures without taking up any precious storage space on your shiny new handheld. Win.

PlayMemories Online will be a free service from spring this year and PlayMemories Studio will be available on the PlayStation Store.