The biggest PS3 games that will change 2012

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This is always the most exciting part of a console generation. The part when all the technology is sussed out, the developers (barring Bethesda) no longer have to spend 18 months faffing around trying to make a PS3 game work, and everyone can just concentrate on piling all of their efforts into the creative side. Whatever tech the next gen might bring, it’s always this latter part of a previous hardware cycle which brings the gameplay innovations and design flair that will fuel the ideas that harness it.

2012 is thusly looking like a mighty strong year for creative game-changers. I’ve picked out nine of the best upcoming PS3 games that particularly stand out and written some words about exactly why you should care about them (Dishonored, The Darkness 2, Metal Gear RisingSyndicate, Tomb Raider, Prey 2, Bioschock Infinite, Mass Effect 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5). But for the sake of balance, and because people trying to sell you a thing will invariably try to make that thing look great whether it is or not, I’ve also provided a little addendum to each, explaining exactly how it could also disappoint me to tears.



Dishonoured best ps3 game 2012

What is it?

A dizzyingly freeform, visually stunning steampunk assassination sim from a developer super-group formed by folk who’ve worked on the likes of Deus Ex, Thief, BioShock, Half-Life 2 and Dark Messiah.

Why could it change everything?

You can sneak. You can go loud. You can teleport through space. You can stop time. You can redirect bullets in mid-air. You can possess rats and fish for infiltration or attack. You can use weapons. You can use magic. You can complete the game without killing anyone, even your mission targets. You can combine any of these, and a million other different ideas the devs themselves haven’t even thought of yet. Frankly, it makes DX:HR sound about as open-ended as Pac-Man.


You’ll have loads of obtuse options, but the straight sneak or kill paths will be so straightforward that you won’t be incentivized to experiment

Watch this video interview with Arkane Studios heads Raphael Colantonio to find out more about Dishonored’s gameplay on PS3.


The Darkness 2

What is it?

A super gory but stylish demonic sequel that gives you monster headed tentacles, a pet demon and guns. Then lets you use them all on a supernatural cult that wants to steal your powers.

Why could it change everything?

The mix of slashing, crushing, face-biting tentacles and full on fire power should let you get very creative with the bad guy killing. Already, the ability to use both analogue sticks to control two tentacles independently to hack, slice and dismember looks a delightfully grim, smartly tactile treat. If The Darkness 2 can really harness all of it decadent killing options into a truly creative combat model, this could be the most empowering shooter in years.


It’ll have two good attacks that are all you use after level 2, leaving you exploiting the same basic mechanics for as long as you can be bothered.

Find out more about the quad wielding gameplay on PS3 in this video.


Metal Gear Rising 

What is it?

The rebooted, Raiden-starring action game, rebuilt by the insane combat geniuses at Platinum Games, developer of the deliciously OTT, immaculately designed Bayonetta.

Why could it change everything?

In Platinum’s hands, this might finally be the playable, real-time realization of those agonizingly cool, stupendously choreographed fight scenes from Metal Gear Solid 4. Raiden is so nonsensically badass as a character; so ludicrously, gymnastically capable in combat that no Kojima-developed game has ever dared to try to do him playable justice. But with his persona to work with, Platinum’s ability to blend gameplay clarity with deliriously ostentatious action might make this the most epic 3D fighter ever made.


It’ll be load of repetitive button-mashing hack-and-slash with a bunch of QTEs for throwing tanks and stuff around.

Here’s a video where Hideo Kojima, and the development team from both Kojima Productions and Platinum Games talk about the PS3 game’s near cancellation and rebirth as the Bayonetta dev’s next project.


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