Weekly PlayStation news round up 6/1/12

The Last Of Us new info screens

This weeks round up of the PlayStation universe featured everything from Move fitness tips to an interview with Conan the Barbarian. We break down The Last Of Us’ trailer and speak at length to Hideo Kojima. The EU Blog reveals Wipeout 2048′s zombie mode (you heard) and interview a man about Silent Hill: Downpour. And, finally, PlayStation.com have everything you need to know about the PS Vita and a pretty darn comprehensive round up of the year.


Official PlayStation Magazine UK 

We get tentacles on with some Prototype 2 gameplay and interview the devs at Radical.

The God Of War 4 rumours continue with a composer’s CV listing the game as ‘upcoming’.

We test the PS Vita with a video unboxing and hands on review.

The Hideo Kojima interview: Metal Gear, Rising, 5, Project Ogre and “ending it all.

The Last Of Us trailer analysis: 10 things it tells us about the gameplay.



Here comes PlayStation Vita - All the games and info you need on Sony’s new console.

Weekend Essentials 107 - PlayStation.com’s complete round up of all things essential on PlayStation. At the weekend.

How to get fit with PlayStation - Get back in shape after Christmas with these handy Move-based exercise tips.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath preview - Find out everything you need to know about this classic HD remake.

The year that was: 2011 with PlayStation - The whole of last year in one go. Remember it all?


EU Blog

Access Episode 15 – The new ep’s on Youtube with Mass Effect 3, GTA 5, Stranger’s Wrath and an interview with Jason Momoa, star of Conan and Games Of Thrones.

Wipeout 2048′s Zombie Apocalypse - Zombies come to the Vita. Big metal ones with fusion engines.

‘Heads-Up’ PlayStationPlus Update: 4th January 2012 – Find out what extras you can get if you subscribe.

Silent Hill: Downpour Comes Full Circle On PS3 – An interview with Devin Shatsky, Silent Hill producer – A great interview with tons of info on the game.

A musical Journey – Read about creating and recording the score for Thatgamecompany’s evocative travel-’em-up.