The PS3 games of 2012: what we think will happen

Leon Hurley

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Bioshock Infinite is going to be delayed. I know it’s not got a specific date yet but I can see it getting a Q4 brush off that will see it fall into 2013.I don’t want it to, but all we’ve seen for ages is dead horses and that one bit of Colombia. Plus that meagre rehashed trailer at last year’s VGAs didn’t exactly scream ‘we’ve got loads of new stuff to show you!’

I also think we’re going to get a proper name and infuriatingly obtuse trailer for Kojima’s Project Ogre; an orange rolling through a field of wheat, while the Cure’s Lovecats plays. Something like that.


I also think we’ll get a new Kratos adventure with God Of War 4 going co-op. There’ll be some disappointments with Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier all failing to deliver on their legacy’s name, while Prey 2, Borderlands 2, DmC and Far Cry 3 will all surprise people. Oh, and Respawn will finally do an actual, non-blurry screen of what they’ve been working on.


David Meikham

Mirror, mirror on the wall… please tell me there’ll be a proper new Metal Gear revealed before The Fall. Bugger me, I want an MGS5 announcement. Failing a proper return for the mulleted stealth pensioner at E3, my eye holes will be treated to a preposterous Project Ogre trailer in June. Now with 36% more see-through blouses!

I also expect Rising (I refuse to use that sh*tting mangled revenge word) to split critics if it releases this year. And as much as I love slaphead sociopaths, Hitman: Absolution will have lost too much of the series’ esoteric charm to please the gamz jarnalist community. I’m predicting 7s and 8s across the boa… AH! NOT THE CHEEESE WIRE!

In more Metacritic-friendly news, Tomb Raider will be the critical darling of the festive period, with Lara’s daring new survival horror angle bagging her a shedload of 9s.

With the voodoo from my crystal ball quickly seeping out, I’ll also quickly predict Naughty Dog will announce a new IP for Vita, God Of War IV will sport a playable demo at E3 and DmC will kick Devil May Cry 4 in its emo spuds.That, and I’ll probably noose myself when The Last Guardian gets cancelled before the year’s out.


Phil Iwaniuk

Activision needs to roll the dice with COD. Modern Warfare 3 sold well, found the usual critical acclaim, but you only have to feast your eyes on that 2.9 user score on Metacritic to realise there’s a mounting backlash against Activision’s annual cash cow.It didn’t even snatch the Christmas number one slot, for goodness’ sake.

To keep the franchise going, Activision needs to make some bold changes. Vehicular combat? Third person perspective? Monkey tennis?

Something’s gotta give, and I’m going to put this phrase out there – ‘MMO shooter.’ Sounds crazy and possibly even a bit rubbish, but following Activision’s publishing CEO Eric Hirschberg’s comments that “the idea of giving people constant incremental playable content and making it so you’re never more than a few weeks away from the next new experience within the Call of Duty universe is part of what we’re experimenting with,” this wild-eyed loon might just be on to something.

Oh and God of War 4 will be officially announced… really soon. The cat’s out of the bag a bit on this one, since a naughty composer mentioned his involvement with the next GoW on his CV. Kratos would be seething. Expect SCE Santa Monica to go official in the very near future with a trailer or at the very least a nice logo, a la Rockstar.