The PS3 games of 2012: what we think will happen


With a whole twelve months of gaming to ponder, the team here at OPM have gazed into our wondrous crystal balls and mapped out how the year will play out – the gaming world, at least. We’re staying out of Olympic medal tables and the fate of the Euro for now. Read on for our top industry tips, informed bold calls, and the odd absolute guess.

Ben Wilson

Promise I’m not just saying this because it’s on our current cover, but I can see Max Payne being this year’s biggest surprise. It isn’t burdened by the same weight of expectation as new Hitman or Tomb Raider, and I expect it to end up being more enjoyable than both.

In fact I expect a lot of the big returnees – Lara, 47, the entire cast of Final Fantasy XIII-2 – to underperform at review time. They’ll all be strong games, but looking back at the past makes people misty-eyed about times gone by, and I can already guarantee you’ll read a lot of waffle about the ‘classic’ titles in those series being superior whether or not it’s actually true (Hopefully not in OPM).

Other predictions: Bioshock Infinite will nudge out Mass Effect 3 for Game Of The Year honours, FIFA 13 will return to the old defending system, Rising Revengeance will be renamed Solid Shambles and be delayed until 2015, and Call Of Duty: We’re Not Done Milking This Bullet-addled Cow yet will sell 20 zillion copies while every gamer in the world pretends to hate it. Plus ca change…

Joel Gregory

2011 was probably the best year for games since ‘07 (what do you mean you don’t remember Dead Head Fred on PSP?), and while I’m not so sure 2012 will live up to it – gaming-wise, at least, as my home-made jetpack is due for completion – there are some things you can be sure of.

Firstly, Mass Effect 3 will be amazing and yet internet babies will piss and whinge about the multiplayer, how it’s been dumbed down, how Casey Hudson hit their mum with a car, etc. etc.

Come Spring Randy Pitchford will be accusing games journalists of low-balling him again when Aliens: Colonial Marines fails to trouble the upper reaches of the all important Metacritic charts.

Arty ponces (myself included) will weep when The Last Guardian gets a more meaty showing at E3…complete with 2013 release date. And possibly brutal melee moves and a dub-step soundtrack.

PSN will continue to be a bastion for true innovation with games like Journey and, um, Tony Hawk’s HD (about as innovative as a ham sandwich) and…*pops neck on chopping block* new gaming hardware will be announced, but not from Sony.