The Last Of Us trailer analysis: 10 things it tells us about the gameplay

4. Play is co-operative, but there’s no co-op


The Last Of Us co-op play multiplayer


All of the above appears ripe for two-person co-operative play. However a leaked info page that’s since had the incriminating evidence removed suggests The Last Of Us won’t feature network play. Naughty Dog have always been quite firm on keeping multiplayer and co-op elements separate in Uncharted to preserve the narrative. Not to mention the first instalment didn’t have any online at all. It all suggests that this is going to focus on an AI powered co-op adventure.

5. Resources are scarce


Switching to the survival and scavenging elements, we’ve already mentioned where we see Ellie searching a body for loot, but look at what she finds – not a lot. Three live bullets and a bunch of empty cases. Even that’s enough to get her excited though. Ellie mentions in the trailer that she’s never seen the world pre-infection which, combined with the decay of the city, suggests supplies, weapons, and more pertinently, ammunition, will be in short supply.

But why was the dead guy keeping empty cases? Does this suggest that you will be able to fashion your own bullets if you can find the necessary components? A crafting system would tie in with the survival theme.


6. You’ll use improvised, breakable weapons


The Last Of Us weapons breakable


Uncharted had you battering people with improvised weapons grabbed from the environment around you – for example bottles, wrenches and, er, fish – and as the trailer shows Josh wrapping a piece of 2 by 4 around an enemy’s head, this improvisation could also be a feature in The Last Of Us. The hunk of wood also snaps off a chunk as it’s wrapped around the other guy’s head suggesting stuff will break with use. You might have repair and maintain your fave skull cracking table leg.

7. There’ll be stealth


The Last Of Us Concept art screenshot

With guns and ammo in short supply and the place crawling with both fungus zombies and human enemies, it’s no shock that stealth will play an important role in The Last Of Us. How do we know this? Firstly, there’s the above piece of concept art which shows our twosome cowering behind a counter as a fellow less-than-friendly-looking survivor pokes around the shop they’re in.

Secondly, going back to the section of the trailer after the human enemy has been bumped off, we hear Josh saying that they’ll ‘deal with the body’ before chipping off. Hiding bodies of your victims so that other enemies aren’t alerted, Metal Gear Solid style, will be another stealth-orientated feature.

Finally, Josh winces at the noise when he cocks his pistol as the Fungazoids search the house. The click also seems to be the thing that triggers the attack. Shhh! Silence, it would seem, is golden when you want to avoid getting your face eaten off by an angry mutant shiitake.