PS4 set for E3 announcement


PS4 announced at this years E3? That’s what MCV are saying. There’ll be a couple of other chancers there too apparently with two other consoles, but no one you need worry about (/contractual obligations). There’s no other info but it makes sense. Jim Ryan has previously told Eurogamer it would be “undesirable to be significantly later than the competition”, and with a new Xbox and the Wii U looking likely at the show, time’s running out. In addition both Edge and Develop have reported that some Sony studios have left PS3 behind to work on PS4 projects. 

Question is, what form will the new console take? The PS3′s 600-quid-wonder-machine-from-the-future has finally come good but it nearly crippled Sony way back when. Something more conservative this time? Evolution rather than revolution? With many devs still taking up the power left in the current machine you have to wonder what technology they’re going to boost? MOAR PIXELS! Plus, as the global economy gently spirals the drain, cost is going to be either quietly ignored or made a selling point if it’s cheap. Guess away in the comments.

Update: PSM3 mag are claiming their sources have told them the PS4 is “more powerful” than the new Xbox. It’ll also only be a few months behind Microsoft’s creation. 

Update 2: Sony has announced that there’ll be no PS4 at E3 2012.

Thanks MCV, Develop, Eurogamer and Edge.