PSN update 4/1/12: Batman Arkham City Challenge Maps, All Zombies Must Die & Wild Arms

Batman Arkham City Challenge Map Pack PSN

The latest PS Store update is over at the EU Blog. The big names today are Batman Arkham City which drops £2.99 worth of Challenge Map Pack and All Zombies Must Die, a bobble-headed top down twin stick shooter, which will set you back £7.99. Then there’s Wild Arms, the old PS1 Wild West RPG that used to be a big deal back in 19 hundred and old. There’s only one mini this week, the originally Flash-based Tiny Hawk, a jumpy, point chasing skateboarding platformer. 

There’s also plenty of add on stuff for the King Of Fighters XIII, Wizardry, EyePet, MotorStorm Apocalypse and Rock Band 3. Get the full list at the EU Blog.