Hideo Kojima remembers Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid HD review

In issue 65 we put Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima on the cover of Official PlayStation Magazine and spent ages with him discussing all things Metal Gear Solid, plus plenty more. This is the third of several mini interviews where he looks back at his games. (He also remembers MGS1 and talks about doing a total remake, chats about what he thinks about MGS2 and it’s HD remake and admits he wasn’t happy with MGS4.)

Perhaps the boldest move in the series’ evolution, MGS3 took Naked Snake back to the Cold War, and with the shift stripped away almost all of the technological crutches that players had come to rely on. Gone were enemies’ cones of vision, replaced by a simple motion detector, and the whole thing had a far more hardcore feel.

You had to mix and match your outfits in order to blend in with the environments, plus separately treat injuries to different body parts. And, as the name suggests, your survival relied on chowing down on all kinds of rainforest delicacies. This is MGS meets Ray Mears.

However, despite the challenges all of this presented to the player, Kojima says that it’s been the easiest of the bunch to remaster: “There’s nothing too difficult – it already had a 3D camera that you could control, so it was easy to get back into that. I think the thing that you feel most is how the controls have aged.”

Yet while we’re delighted to see Snake Eater return – it’s one of the very best games in PS2’s illustrious history, after all – the decision to bring any of the games back in HD at all was a recent one. “My general policy is not really to revisit older things – technology advances and sometimes older games become unplayable,” says Kojima. “So leaving the past in the past has been my approach up to this point. But a lot of people wanted to see the old games remastered, and recently there’ve been a lot of movies, such as Star Wars, that have come on to Blu-ray, so I’ve changed my opinion on that. Looking at things, it’s like: well, you don’t necessarily have to change everything – you can remaster and just make it look pretty. I can take the originals and just make them look nicer and prettier, while preserving the essence of the game.”