Brendan McNamara on the end of Team Bondi “It was a long, painful process”

brendan mcNamara

Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK in the latest issue, LA Noire director Brendan McNamara has talked about the end days of the studio behind the game. “It was a long, painful process, but making games is like making films in that it’s a marathon, not a sprint – and some people come into the process not knowing that.”

“I’d love to spend more time at home with my family and kids” continues McNamara. “We run things differently now – we have flexi-hours, for example. But everybody has their view on who’s the worst boss in the world, and maybe that’s me. I’ve read some amazing things about Steve Jobs in his biography, and I’ve never seen him get as vilified any way as much as I have. Sam Peckinpah [’70s film director] fired [plenty of] people off one movie, and nobody said a thing. Werner Herzog pulled a gun on Klaus Kinski to get him to finish a movie! Obviously I don’t compare myself to any of those people…”

When asked about the high staff turn over at the studio McNamara simply stated, “I think I’ve said all I want to say about that kind of stuff.”

You can read the full interview in issue 66 of the magazine which is in the shops now. You can also pick up a copy on the Apple Newsstand for £3.99 or on Zinio as well.