The Skyrim disaster timeline

07/12/2011 In a move that certainly doesn’t imbue anyone with confidence Bethesda admins post a thread on their forum called ‘PS3 tips to try’. The three tips they come up with are “Turn off auto saves”, “Clear space off your hard drive” and most amusingly “Wait for time to pass”. Essentially you may have interacted with the world too much, make your character take a month off. More worryingly Bethesda also advise dabbling around with the memory on your PS3 using the ‘Safe Mode’, they take care to note that “Sony does not recommend using the options in Safe Mode unless you are experiencing issues with the PlayStation 3. Some of these options could result in loss of data.” Risky business.

07/12/2011 1.3 Update hits Steam. Notable fixes include ‘Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly’ and the ever needed ‘dragon animation issues with saving and loading’.

09/12/2011 Machinima’s Inside Gaming Awards present Skyrim with Game of the Year, the Gamers’ Choice Award, and the Realm award (Best RPG).


Inside Gaming Awards 2011 Skyrim


10/12/2011 Bethesda named ‘Studio of the Year’ and Skyrim wins ‘Game of the Year’ and ‘RPG of the Year’ at the Spike VGA ceremony. This doesn’t stop the BBC from highlighting the story in the light of the bugs that have wrecked the game for many PS3 users mentioning in particular that ‘it became unplayable on the PlayStation 3 as players progressed through the title.’


Skyrim VGA game of the year

Bethesda VGA studio of the year

Skyrim VGA best RPG


15/12/2011 Bethesda’s blog boasts that Skyrim has “Game of the Year honours from Jeux Video, Gaming Bolt, Planet Xbox 360, The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, MMGN, Kotaku AU and Official Xbox Magazine”.

15/12/2011 1.3 Update hits Xbox 360 and PS3.

19/12/2011 Skyrim tops the UK sales chart for Christmas ending the EA/Activision military FPS stranglehold of the last eight years.