The Skyrim disaster timeline

30/11/2011 Bethesda’s 1.2 update appears to have introduced a raft of problems alongside its solutions according to the developer’s own forum. Most noticeable among these are magic and elemental resistances reduced to nothing, and the now legendary ‘backward flying dragon’.

30/11/2011 Tim Clark makes his final comment about the temporary nature of the patch on CVG. “Extended play later last night – and we’re talking a three hour session – saw the choppiness creep back in, until eventually it became unplayable again.”



01/12/2011 Bethesda’s developer blog confirms release of an “incremental update next week“. Promised fixes include the “rare, amazing backwards flying dragon“. Further ongoing fixes are promised with “quest and balance issues” on hold until the new year as they represent potentially trickier issues. Overall the tone of the post is conciliatory with Bethesda admitting that they “need to treat our updates with greater care”.

04/12/2011 Obsidian employee Joshua E. Sawyer, project director and lead designer on Fallout: New Vegas, wades into the issue by answering questions on his Formspring account. The conversation is relatively technical but Sawyer suggests that the problem is near fundamental to the PS3 due to the way it utilises a “divided memory pool” unlike the PC or Xbox 360. A concise breakdown of the conversation was posted to the Bethesda forum. The conclusion seems to be that fixing the problem would require a significant expenditure of time and effort, at a level unlikely to occur and that any fix is likely to be temporary. His remarks tally with people having only had short term joy with the recent patch.

05/12/2011 IGN’s Colin Campbell joins the limited number of games journalists calling for an explanation. He demands “full disclosure on what has happened, how it happened, and what plans the company has in place to correct the situation.”

06/12/2011 Updating their  blog Bethesda claim the “1.2 update fixed the lag issues for ‘most’ users“ but they are aware that it hasn’t worked for “some’. They have identified a number of smaller issues that are contributing to the problem but they are not part of the planned 1.3 update and will have to be rectified after this is released. Bethesda also claim to be collecting some save games plagued by the problem so they can get a better handle on it. In the meantime they advise turning off the autosave function or even, incredibly, upgrading your harddrive

07/12/2011 Pete Hines’ Twitter account again becomes the focus of the waiting Skyrim faithful as he rubbishes the claims made by Fallout: New Vegas Director Joshua E. Sawyer. Responding to a tweet accusing Bethesda avoiding the truth of Sawyer’s claims he responded ‘Josh Sawyer did not work on Skyrim nor this engine and his comments don’t reflect how the current tech works.’ When pushed further the unflappable Hines stated “No, it isn’t true. He brings up issues we solved long ago.” The internet is confused because Sawyer seemed to be describing an issue that appears to be anything but solved.


Skyrim PS3 lag patch Broken