The Skyrim disaster timeline

17/11/2011 A poll posted on Bethesda forum indicates (at time of writing) over 86% of correspondents suffering from lag issues on the PS3.

Skyrim PS3 lag poll

17/11/2011 Bethesda confirm they are looking into the PS3 lag issue. Pete Hines states “Most users aren’t experiencing these kind of issues on PS3. We are investigating the issue further as to why some folks are seeing this.”

18/11/2011 Gamesradar writer Dave Houghton publishes a scathing attack on Bethesda  over the broken nature of the PS3 version of the game with the accusation that they “cynically dicked over a large part of (their) fan-base.”

19/11/2011 Pete Hines’ Twitter account becomes the focal point for the angry Skyrim masses as reveals that “PS3 and 360 updates have been submitted for certification”. Suggesting that they will be live after Thanksgiving (so the first week of December). He mentioned that “improved performance for long-term play on PS3″ is included.


PS3 Lag updates dues after thanksgiving
21/11/2011 Ex OPM editor Tim Clark publishes an initial video documenting the lag problems on PS3. The first showing irritating and worsening lag and frame rate issues at the 35 hour mark.



23/11/2011 IGN reveal the results of their, admittedly unscientific, poll on PS3 user experiences with Skyrim. The headline figure is the 36% suffering ‘severe framerate drops’ with the equally worrying figure of 24%, less than a quarter of polled users, having no problems at all.

23/11/2011 25 hours further (at the 60 hour mark) and Future’s Skyrim addicted Tim Clark shows the really shocking extent of the Skyrim PS3 lag he’s experiencing on his second video. Judging by the increasing ire of CVG comments, he’s not alone.



28/11/2011 Bethesda release 1.2 update for Skyrim, among the myriad of fixes there is “Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PS3)”. The key word ‘occasional’ is open to question but early reports are positive. Despite this the solution appears to be temporary for some users and others report no improvement at all. The update also successfully deals with the Xbox 360 texture issue present at launch.

28/11/2011 Tim Clark returns with another video to tell us how his game has ‘vastly improved’ after the patch.



29/11/2011 Reports emerge on the Bethesda forum of post-patch players suffering from vastly increased crash rates. “I had 50+ hours with a total of two crashes. This morning I patched it, and it crashed 3 times in 40 minutes! I am NOT happy!!!!!” Wrote one particularly exclamatory example on the forum.

29/11/2011 OPM’s Leon Hurley bucks the reviewing trend and acknowledges the random and genuinely damaging nature of the bugs in a post patch Skyrim PS3 review; “You might find this is a 21-day aged sirloin steak, or a sh*t sandwich. The only way to find out is to chew…” Elsewhere legendary Japanese game magazine Famitsu awards Skyrim 40/40, becoming the first Western game to achieve the perfect score.