Devil May Cry HD Collection release date announced


If your abiding memory of 2001 involves garrotting a huge lava spider demon with a six-foot sword, there’s an excellent chance you’re a DMC fan. In which case, you’ll be damn happy Capcom has just confirmed a release date for Dante’s demon-kiboshing adventures, with the Devil May Cry HD Collection, coming out in 2012. 

In a press release, Capcom confirmed the following. ‘Devil May Cry™ HD Collection will be released in both Europe and North America on Tuesday April 3, 2012. The Devil May Cry HD Collection brings the first three original Devil May Cry™ titles; Devil May Cry™, Devil May Cry™2, and Devil May Cry™ 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition together in one high definition package for the first time along with bonus content and support for Trophies.’

In the name of white-haired monster slaughterers everywhere, if DMC 3 wasn’t the most plums-squishing of ballaches. Anyone who gets a Platinum on the mega hard actioner earns extreme OPM kudos.