Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 5: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 PS3 Modern Warfare

Well, this is quite the explosive development. While Modern Warfare 3 is conspicuous in its absence from this chart (that, and being the biggest game in the world), its main rival sits pretty four places off the top spot.

It’s conclusive proof that for all of Call Of Duty’s dominance in stores, the war between these two is still a long way from over. Let’s just hope it unfolds on PS3’s virtual warfields alone in future, rather than via publisher execs firing cross words at one another across Twitter. That got boring fast.

The great irony is that this instalment of EA’s flagship shooter owes more to COD than DICE might care to admit. The solo campaign riffs repeatedly off several of Modern Warfare’s key scenes, with main characters killed, nukes detonated in major cities and ‘Death From Above’-style bombing levels. It largely works, creating an amazing mix of big-scale battles and desperate rushes against enemy forces, while mixing in tanks and jets.

The multiplayer is even better, with strong teamwork required to win, unlike COD’s lone-wolf favouring run-and-gun. Classes tightly interlock so that a well-balanced team is a thing of beauty as engineers support vehicles, assault and snipers handle infantry assaults, and tanks lay down blankets of artillery.

We still maintain that overall Modern Warfare 3 is the superior game, but in this chart our view is irrelevant. So it’s DICE that earns OPM’s entirely fictional ‘Shooter Champion Of 2011’ gong, along with a bottle of £120 champers. (Also sadly fictional.) It’s perhaps unmerited, but at least you didn’t award it to Homefront.

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