Monday’s PS3 video round up


Break it down, you gravity-defying ancient tabby. Seeing a sabre cat cut an epic physics-failing boogie is almost enough to make us forgive Skyrim’s framerate woes in this week’s video round up. We’ve also got new a new trailer for I Am Alive, a Prototype 2 developer diary and Naughty Dog comparing Drake Deception’s main baddie to Bill Murray. She ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Skyrim’s breakdancing sabre cat

YES! This is exactly what the internet was created for: to showcase glitches of breakdancing prehistoric cats. If you can stomach game-breaking framerates and fantasy felines busting a move, you should read our Skyrim tips for things you never knew you could do in the Elder Scrolls V.

Rules to stay alive in… eh, I Am Alive

There are three crucial rules to obey if you want to avoid becoming intimate with that pasty, Twister-playing bloke from Bill and Ted in I Am Alive. Namely, don’t breathe in the dust, don’t get them wet and definitely DON’T feed them after midnight. Wait, that’s not right. Head to our I Am Alive preview for red hot info on Ubisoft’s apocalyptic adventure.

Uncharted 3′s female villain is just like Bill Murray

That’s according to Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond. Also something about Drake Deception’s baddie being made from dead souls. Man, we want to watch Zombieland for THAT cameo so bad right now. Find out why Nate’s masterpiece scooped a perfect score in our Uncharted 3 review.