StarDone Extreme trailer shows PS Vita gameplay

PS Vita StarDrone Extreme

Here’s a feast for the eyes if you like bright colours and perplexing racing- or youre’ just interested in what launch games will actually look like on PS Vita. It’s a new trailer for StarDrone Extreme, an eccentric new racer from Beatshapers that has you whizzing round at lightpeed across some rather vivid courses.

To reach the aforementioned speed of light, you’ll need to collect ‘stellar matter’ – you know. Like in the science books. The more you collect, the faster you cute little vessel goes. There’ll be power ups to grab along the way, and global leaderboards to compete in.

The PS Vita’s front and rear touch controls will be used to navigate around StarDrone Exteme’s unpredicable courses, continuining the tradition set by the PS3 version’s PS Move support.

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