Project Ogre – Hideo Kojima leaks first screens on Twitter?


Ooh, you dirty tease, Mr. MGS. It looks like Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account has just leaked the first two Project Ogre screenshots. Prepare yourself for some desert sneaking and nurses’ bras.

Rumours surrounding the mysterious title, which runs on the new Kojima Productions FOX engine, have been doing the rounds for months. And now it seems Koj has finally let the bone-crushing, damsel-kidnapping monster out of the bag. In the wee small hours of this morning, Hids posted the following tweets with images of a tank and solider (in what looks like a middle eastern desert) and two nurses (sporting tantalising transparent garment tech)…

Speaking to us exclusively in this month’s issue of OPM UK, Kojima hinted at what we should expect from the much speculated about game. “It’s a very subdued experience. It’s a little bit different to what I’ve done up until now. On the surface it will look similar, but once you get into it, it will be a different experience,” he said.

If nothing else, it surely proves digital see-through blouses are the future of PS3 gaming.