Amazing cosplayer reads about herself in OPM UK


Occasionally, we feel the burning need to get to the beating heart of investigative gamZ journalist, thus channelling our inner Woodward and Bernstein-esque newshound. Or, y’know, we’ll just post a story about a beautiful women dressed up as Raiden, because she’s reading an article we wrote about her in issue 54 of OPM UK.

Crystal Graziano is most skilled at two things. Thing the first: she’s ace at being Jessica Rabbit levels of stunning. And thing the second: she’s amazing at dressing up as beloved game characters with outstanding feats of cosplay excellence.

She’s due to appear at events for free-to-play FPS Firefall next year. And if you watch the documentary below at 1:29, you can see her quickly flip through a feature we wrote about her a few months back in the mag.

Investigative journalists… UNITE!