All the PS Vita launch info you’ll ever need

Will I be able to play my PSP games on Vita?

PSP UMD to PS Vita?

You will in most cases, but it’s not quite so simple as that for games you have on UMD. Firstly you’ll need to register for the UMD Passport programme. The Passport then allows you to register your UMDs to your PSN account, which in turn allows you to grab the download version of the game at a discounted price. You can then transfer the game to your Vita along with your game saves.

The UMD Passport will support around 200 titles from 40 companies and prices for the downloadable versions will range from around 500-1500 yen (between £4 and £12.20).

Elsewhere, PlayStation Vita will support backwards compatible downloaded PSP games, PlayStation Minis, PSOne classics and comics downloaded from the PlayStation store.
How will PlayStation Vita work with my PSN account?

You’ll be able to transfer everything from your PSN account back and forth between your PS3 and PlayStation Vita via memory card or wirelessly using a Content Management programme. You’ll also be able to manage your content via a PC (but currently Mac won’t be supported).

PlayStation Vita will support more than one PSN account – handy if you want to share the device with family or friends– but you’ll need a separate memory card for each account.

Why can I only use Vita-specific Sony memory cards?

PS Vita memory cardMany gamers initially baulked at having to buy Vita-only memory cards rather than ordinary SD cards, but it has since been clarified that the cards are not simply for game/game save storage.

In an interview, Sony’s Muneki Shimada has spoken of wanting to offer a solution that has “an equal condition for everyone,” while there were also concerns with security. Furthermore, the cards will be used for “patches, game data, DLC and more.”

Pricing of the cards has yet to be announced but they will come in various sizes. More on Vita Memory card price here.

How will I get my PlayStation Vita online?

You’ll be able to get online using WiFi For both models of PS Vita. To use 3G, however, you’ll need a SIM card. In the UK, Vodaphone will be Sony’s ‘Preferred Partner’ for 3G connectivity. Rather than a monthly fee, Vita will operate on a pay as you go system for 3G, so you’ll definitely want to be using WiFi for your downloads and reserve your 3G usage for web-browsing and online gaming.

(It’s also worth noting that downloads via 3G will be limited to 20MB.)

Here’s a lot more on PS Vita’s online functionality, and also follow this link for more on Vita’s social media features such as Facebook and twitter integration.

What’s PlayStation Vita’s battery life?

Sony announced a while ago that for games, battery life will be three to five hours. In standby mode you’ll get five hours of video playback and nine hours of music playback. This compares with the battery life of the Nintendo 3DS.

When is the PlayStation Vita UK release date and how much will Vita cost?

PlayStation Vita arrives in the UK on 22 February and will cost £279.99 for the3G/Wi-Fi and £229.99 for the WiFi model. Full details here.