All the PS Vita launch info you’ll ever need

What PlayStation Vita games will be available at launch?

The official line-up of Vita UK launch games was announced a few weeks ago on the EU PlayStation Blog.

Also of note: PlayStation Vita won’t be region-locked, so you’ll be able to import all the obscure and complex JRPGs your heart desires.

Will I be able to play PS3 games on Vita?

Sony are working on a feature called Remote Play, which will indeed allow you to stream PS3 games from the console to play on your PS Vita and it will likely be implemented via a firmware update. This video of Remote Play working with Killzone 3 is pretty impressive.

Recent reports suggested that all PlayStation 3 games would make use of the Remote Play feature but this has since been dismissed by Sony as misleading because the compatibility is achieved on the side of the PS3 game, not the Vita. It’s not known when Remote Play will become available but as an educated guess, what will probably happen is for all existing first-party PS3 titles, a selection of existing third-party titles and all future titles from all developers to include the feature.