All the PS Vita launch info you’ll ever need


As the Japanese launch of PlayStation Vita approaches like some kind of console Christmas party that we in the West aren’t invited to, all aspects of the system’s functionality are starting to become crystal clear. Over the past few weeks there’s been a steady stream of PS Vita information and here we round up everything you need to know, from Vita game pricing, to how it will work with your PSN account, and old PSP games.

How much will PlayStation Vita games cost?

There has yet to be an announcement regarding the price of PlayStation Vita software in Europe. However, we do know that the boxed version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be 5980 Yen (£49.85) in Japan, while the download version will be 4900 Yen (£40.85). The higher price of the boxed version is more than likely down to the additional costs of manufacturing the physical product and shipping it to stores, and the difference between retail and download price appears likely to feature in all territories, not just Japan. It has been confirmed that all boxed Vita games will available to download at launch.

While it’s fairly safe to assume that AAA titles such as Uncharted will retail around this £40-£50 mark, there will be no single price for PlayStation Vita games. European PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said “I think it would be safe to assume we will take a more tailored approach [to game pricing] than perhaps we’ve done in the past.”

Indeed, SCEA’s Chris Norden has stated that developers are “free to explore whatever business model [they] want,” and that includes free-to-play titles. Konami are the first third-party developer/publisher to announce a free-to-play game, AR Combat Digi Q: Friend Tank Batallion, which will include the first six levels in the initial free download, with an additional 24-level pack available for a 800 Yen (£6.50).

Sony have also announced that three Augmented Reality PS Vita games will be available to download for free at launch. However, despite all of the above, don’t expect Vita to be focusing on bite-size Android and iPhone style games. Sony’s aim is for Vita to deliver a similar gaming experience to that on home consoles, as can be seen by the 10 best Vita games shown off so far.