Ken Levine’s a huge God Of War fan. Kratos “sort of a b*stard”

Ken Levine God Of War

Speaking to PlayStation Access (new episode on the PSN today) Ken Levine has expressed a love for all things greek and murdery. “I’m a huge fan of the God Of War series. When I was a kid I used to love Clash Of The Titans, I was sort of drawn to that period.”

He continues by saying, “What I loved about that series is that, if you like Greek mythology, there’s a brutality to it that you can’t avoid. It’s so primal in a way I think modern storytelling doesn’t really encompass. If you look at the main character he’s sort of a bastard. But that’s kind of great because that’s what the role of fantasy is to step out of your normal life of going to work and being a nice guy to be this giant muscle jerk. But in a good way – you want to be the guy because that’s the role of fantasy, of stepping out of yourself.”