Hitman: Absolution – 10 things we do and don’t want from 47′s latest hit


Hitman: Blood Money is one of PS2′s smartest, most subversive, darkly thrilling adventures. It also totally lets you off a porn baron’s poodle with a poisoned sausage and kill a fellow assassin dressed as Big Bird by dropping a piano on their cranium. BOSH! Hitman: Absolution, then, after five years of hype and murderous anticipation, has some big homicidal shoes to fill ahead of its 2012 release date.

Its seemingly more streamlined, cinematic gameplay direction has already caused controversy. Diehard 47 fans worry the series is losing its identity in pursuit of a more commercial (potentially dumbed down) action-orientated adventure. While Absolution looks like it will be a major departure for our baldy wetwork¬† specialist, we’re hopeful developer IO has preserved enough of the PS2 titles’ humour, imaginative and, above all, love for offing folk via barbecue ‘accidents’.

Here’s five things we hope make the final game and another five pitfalls we want Absolution to avoid plummeting down .

Do want…

1. Proper playgrounds of death

The gloriously imaginative mini open-worlds of Hitmans past are what have made 47′s serial killery antics such enduring classics. In Blood Money, each map provided multiple ways to take out your targets, giving players an empowering sense of freedom and real incentive to play through levels again. It’d be a massive shame if the open inventiveness of the old game’s level design was lost chasing a more cinematic experience.

Do NOT want…

2. Instinct mode to become a crutch

Our chrome dome contract killer ain’t Batman. He should be taking out targets through careful observation, patience and occasional dressing up as a ‘definitely not out of place’ mystery pastry chef. We don’t want some supernatural, all-seeing crutch to rob Absolution of the considered tension which came from observing enemies’ attack patterns in the old games.