Atsushi Inaba speaks out on Metal Gear Rising: “I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed”


The executive director and producer at Platinum Games has answered Metal Gear fans in a series of tweets, opening with “Let me begin”. He then goes on to address interviewer implications that “PlatinumGames was able to achieve what Kojima Productions could not” and saying “Kojima took a gamble believing we could handle the task”. Hit the click to read the full statement (Or check out a ton of Metal Gear Rising screens).

Let me begin.

It seems there are some who wish to imply PlatinumGames was able to achieve what Kojima Productions could not — interviewers among them.

This notion is spurious. Clearly, we have not yet produced any results in the world of Metal Gear.

The artists at Kojima Productions gave their blood, sweat and tears to bring the Metal Gear Saga to life.

The gap is immense. Mr. Kojima tossed his chips on our table, believing we could handle the task. In other words, he took a gamble.

Many seem to think the change from MGSR to MGR altered everything about the game, but this is simply not true.

MGSR’s concept excited us. We have love and respect for it, as we do the character of Raiden and the idea of freely cutting anything apart.

I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed. Yet I also believe our love and respect shines through.

It is my hope that you catch a glimpse of the future in the footage.

In order to achieve that evolution, that future, we at PlatinumGames will continue to fight, shedding our own blood, sweat and tears.

That is all.

Atsushi Inaba speaks about Metal Gear Rising