Is Metal Gear Rising Kojima’s “meaningless” game?

Metal Gear Rising PS3 Platinum

Skip back a few months this year and Kojima was tweeting some pretty despondent messages. Things like, “I cannot bear, and cannot be positive” and, more importantly “What I prepared minutely spending a year became meaningless”. There was talk about what that might be at the time and now it looks like Metal Gear Rising could be to blame. (And check out the latest Metal Gear Rising screens if you’re not up to speed). 

A story over at Andriasang reports that Metal Gear was actually canned before Platinum Games stepped in to save it. According to their translation, “The original Rising got to the point where the staff no longer knew what the core of the game should be. At some point, Kojima said that the project probably would not be able to be completed. However, the staff insisted that it could be done. In the end, they cancelled the project.”

The game was basically dead and good reason for a few bleak tweets (unless Kojima’s canceled some other games we don’t know about. That is until Platinum came around for a visit. Andriasang says that, “One day, Kojima leaned that members of Platinum Games had come to the Kojima Productions studio. Platinum said that it’s unfortunate that the game was in a half done state. They were excited about the project that they took over”.

They also confirm that this is “not part of the Metal Gear Solid series” with Kojima Productions adding “at present, we can’t say more than this” which basically admits ‘we have something we can say about this’. What we do know about the story is that it’s set after MGS 4 and that Platinum Games have rewritten the story. The name change (from Metal Gear Solid: Rising to Metal Gear Rising: Revengence)  is to reflect the fact that this is “a new Metal Gear’.