New Hitman: Absolution trailer breakdown and screens


The new footage is cryptic, with Agent 47 apparently hunting a hospitalised girl called Victoria at the Rosewood Orphanage. The fibrewire gets a showing as well as his trademark duel Silverballers. He also seems to be competing with a criminal organisation.

It’s not clear whether Agent 47′s trying to kill Victoria or save her – my money’s on save her to make him a more approachable antihero for the mainstream market. Whatever he’s up to he’s competing against a silver haired old man leading a terrorist-like group. There’s also an American coin with the Latin E Pluribus Unum which means “one from many”.

With 47′s cloned past that could have all sorts of connotations or refer to the people he’s killed. The coin itself is an 1889 Morgan silver dollar which is a collectors item. It’s also seen later in the hand of a dead girl who appears to be the red head first seen in the shower during the original reveal.

Perhaps the most important thing in the trailer is that 47′s barcode seems to have been tampered with. Instead of the usual tattoo on the back of his head there’s a bloody plaster and some kind of disfigurement. Has he tried to have it removed? Or, what with all the cloning, is it the real 47? It’s not the first time he’s had brothers to deal with.

The silver haired villain also seems to have letters tattooed on his hand but it’s in such a heavy Gothic script that its hard to read. If anyone works out what it says then add it in the comments.