Weekly PlayStation round up 10/12/11



Weekend Essentials 104 - Something for the weekend

Puss in Boots preview - purrfect

Gaming gifts 2011 – Blockbuster games - Treat someone to the perfect PlayStation present

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hits PlayStation Store –  An explosive new game pack arrives

TEKKEN Hybrid preview - Ready yourself for the ultimate TEKKEN experience on PS3

Official PlayStation Magazine UK

What has Uncharted 3 got to do with PS3 zombie exclusive The Last of Us?

The making of Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine explains the birth of Colombia.

9 things you didn’t know you could do in Skyrim.

Hands on with The Darkness 2′s new multiplayer co-op mode.

Is the new Devil May Cry reboot part racer?