Uncharted: Golden Abyss preview


Wow. We can only assume developer SCE Bend has been sacrificing fuzzy farmyard critters to that horned fella with the pointy pitchfork and stylish twirly tache. That’s the only way we can explain Uncharted: Golden: Abyss looking so incredibly handsome on Vita. Like Uncharted 1 on PS3 handsome. The game’s still ages away with a February 22nd release date but it’s already got potential GOTY written all over it. 

If you were worried Naughty Dog handing over the charismatic reins of PS3’s biggest blockbusters would dilute the Drake experience, you needn’t. From our hands-on with two of Abyss’ levels at a recent Vita event in London, we can confirm the new developer has managed to squeeze all the charm, spectacular action and really scolding fire effects of Uncharted 3 onto a device smaller than a pint glass.

Starting off in a burny shed stage that plays like an über sloppy kiss to Deception’s French château, we’re quickly introduced to the game’s stunning particle effects. Flames twist and swirl around the environment like a sultry tango dancer, while smoke billows up into the rafters.

Nate himself also looks amazing, sporting a poly count to rival his PS3 incarnation. Honestly, for the first two or three minutes I get hold of Abyss, all I can do is pan the camera around to take in the stunning detail. As handheld visuals go, it’s a total game-changer.