The Last Of Us VGA reveal to be ‘in-game’

The Last of us ps3 exclusive

The American games industry Geoff Keighley has announced that the new mystery PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us will be shown for real, rather than via pretend CG trailer. He says we’ll “meet the characters, see the world. It’s all done in the game engine.” He also says it’s “a PS3 exclusive that no one would believe” by “an amazing developer”, it’s “a massive announcement that no one is going to see coming” and it’s “something absolutely mind blowing”. He really does sound quite excited about the whole thing. 

The in-game aspect ties in with the background for the official The Last Of Us Site site which shows a forrest and looks a lot like it might be rendered in a game engine. Some observant NEOGafers have also noticed that the background’s called ‘Growth_1′ while a similar tree-filled image on the US PlayStation Blog is called ‘Growth_2′. It suggests there’s might be another teaser on the way and, um, trees are involved some how…?