New Bioshock Infinite screen. VGA trailer announced

New Bioshock Infinite PS3 screens

Official mouthpiece of the American games industry Geoff Keighley has tweeted the new screen along with the following message: “New trailer for BioShock Infinite to premiere at 2011 VGAs this Saturday night on Spike! Here’s a sneak peek.” Looks like a new character might be getting a reveal judging from that statue. If you need to get up to speed on the game then check out these 7 things you don’t know about Bioshock Infinite

So far characters like Founder Comstock and rebel leader Daisy Fizroy have featured prominently in Bioshock Infinite‘s environments which suggests that big guy with the moustache and hat will be a person of note. Presumably he’s the Fink of Fink MFG (manufacturing) on the building behind? And if so, what does he make? Start the discussion below.