What do zombie ants have to do with new PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us?

The last of us ps3 exclusive zombie ants

The first teaser trailers for the new game have crept out ahead of a VGA reveal. One trailer shows news footage of riots and quarantine zones, while an American voice bemoans the loss of everyday life. The other clip shows an ant climbing a leaf.

The interesting thing is the state of the ant. It’s infected with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. The ‘zombie ant’ bit comes from the fact the fungus actually affects the insect’s brain, making it climb up high and clamp its jaws firmly to a leaf. It then dies so the spores can spread. The footage actually comes from a BBC Planet Earth documentary.  See, the biology degree didn’t go to waste, mum.

What’s all that got to do with the PS3? Well, some sort of post apocalyptic game is obvious (and we are running short of those. If developers aren’t careful we won’t have one at all this month). Although, hopefully, the ant/fungus thing might hint at more of a ‘The Happening’ style natural disaster, rather than more zombies. Christ, no more zombies.

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