SCEE boss Jim Ryan on Insomniac “Would we prefer them exclusively on our platforms? Yes”


When asked about the former PlayStation exclusive developer’s move to multiformat, Sony’s Jim Ryan admitted ”In an ideal world would we prefer them still to be working exclusively on our platforms? Yes, probably.” Although he did say “We’re still friends” before adding that “The strength of our internal studios at the moment means it ain’t the end of the world by any means.” He also mentioned one of those internal studios during the interview by admitting “I’m not aware of any announcements that are imminent on the Last Guardian.”

Ryan had plenty of praise for Naughty Dog as well. When asked about their year with Uncharted 3 he had this to say “Very, very proud. When you look at the critical acclaim that Uncharted 3 got and also the number of units that are selling it’s just great. Having a developer like that to showcase our platforms, exclusive to our formats is really, really great.” He also hinted that there were some big surpises on the way for next year. “There’s a bunch of stuff at the back end of the year – I’ll just tease you with this because I not going to tell you what because I can’t – which I’m very excited by, and you’ll hear about [it] over the coming months. [It'll] give you plenty to write about.”

You can watch the video below.