Battlefield 3′s top 9 ‘Did that just happen?!’ moments

7. Helicopter headshot

Who’d have thought that all the rockets, gatling cannons and fancy-pants electronics could be undone by single bullet to the head? The guy behind the rifle in this video, that’s who. He crisply pops the head of a helicopter pilot mere moments after ejecting from a crashing jet. Boss-like magnificence.

8. No scope, no chute, no service

WovnHD loses the chopper battle, but not the war. After jumping out of his conveyance, he unleashes Wesley Snipes and manages the most uncanny, weapons-free headshot imaginable. That thing on the top of the weapon? It’s called a scope. Not that he needs it. The rest of us mere mortals can put our rifle scopes next to the noo-noo blankets and microwavable teddies.

9. Under the Bridge

This is so close to monumental brilliance that it’s *almost* tragic when the pilot misjudges an inverted pass under two bridges and ends up dashed into ignominious man-chunks against the most undignified of objects – a fetid skip. Consider it a lesson in humility, bucko.