Battlefield 3′s top 9 ‘Did that just happen?!’ moments


War is a serious thing. Squinty eyes. Face paint. Combat chins. And while Battlefield 3 does an ace job of immersing you in stony-faced conflict, that doesn’t mean that it can’t occasionally go pencils-up-the-nose crazy. With that in mind, wrap your eyes around our top nine holy-moley, soil-the-sheets, crazy like a badger Battlefield 3 moments.

1. Return to base jump

If Humvees are considered the stout, wheezy boys of the vehicle world, this driver doesn’t know it. An athletic leap is followed by an incendiary landing on a tanker full of rocket fuel, before the driver pootles off, completely unharmed. Airbags: only for hippies and jellyfish.

2. Flying without wings

Many boys grow up wanting to fly jet planes. These delicate youths don’t realise that it takes a real man – or maybe a really suicidal man – to fly without a cocking plane. This video also proves that changing weapons at terminal velocity makes you look cooler than a moonwalking snow globe.

3. Jetting your own back

There’s nothing more annoying than gaining the upper paw in a vicious dogfight, only to have your opponent bail and deny your kill. Revenge comes in the hawk-like shape of a £55 million aircraft, which splatters the cowardly escapee.

Scraping liquefied human off your cockpit: time consuming, satisfying.