Weekly PlayStation news round up 25/11/11

Press x to Benton

So what’s been happening in the world of PlayStation this week? Here’s our handy round up so you don’t miss out. There’s Heavy Rain meets BENTON! How to get fit on PlayStation with a Move Fitness regime. BENTON! A look at the just announced PS Vita EU launch line up and plenty more, Jesus Christ… BENTON!

Official PlayStation Magazine UK

If you’ve been questing this week then you might want our look at the Skyrim map with ten places you must visit.

Incase you haven’t heard Official PlayStation Magazine UK have a historic Hideo Kojima cover out next week where he discusses his plans for MGS 5. No announcements, it’s just what he’s got in mind. 

You might have seen the BENTON! video this week where the dog chases deer in the park. Sounds a bit like JASON! doesn’t it? That why we’ver made Press X to Benton, obviously.

If you liked Warhawk then you’re going to love this: ten minutes of the Starhawk beta in action. There are robots that turn into jets. What else do want!

As brilliant as the Skyrim might be it’s not been without issues. For some they’ve been minor, for others the game’s unplayable. Have a look at this video where see just how bad the Skyrim lag can get on PS3.



Feel the burn with Move Fitness and master the King of Iron Fist tournament in TEKKEN Hybrid with weekend Essentials 102.

Prepare to start burning those calories and shaping up for the release of Move Fitness on PlayStation 3 with this free demo guide to Move Fitness available to download from PlayStation Store.

Design your perfect exercise regime with the Move Fitness: Workout Planner on Facebook.

Give your brain a workout with five PlayStation titles that will test your perception, concentration and logic.

Get your party started with this free PlayStation 3 Start the Party! Save the World demo, available to download from PlayStation Store now.


PlayStation EU Blog 

Vodafone Announced As Preferred Partner For PS Vita 3G Connectivity. 

Jak And Daxter Collection Delivers The Original Trilogy To PS3 In HD. 

PS Vita Launch Line-up, New Exclusive Games And More Revealed.

Introducing: MotorStorm RC For PSN And PSVita. 

The Weekend Debate: Design Trendsetters.