Kojima on Metal Gear Solid, “I wanted to end it at every step along the way”

Hideo Kojima thoughtful

Creators feeling tired or trapped by their biggest success isn’t unusual. Speak to Kojima about Snake, though, and it’s a miracle the old soldier made it to MGS 2, let alone 4 and beyond. “Actually, I wanted to end it at every step along the way.” Kojima told Official PlayStation Magazine during his interview for their exclusive cover.

“In Guns Of The Patriots he was supposed to die” he continues but admits he was brought around. “Everyone on the staff really wanted to keep him alive, so I caved a little.” In the interview Kojima touches several times on the conflict between being a creator and a producer – being an artist and a businessman don’t always mix. “I’m a creator at heart, but at the same time I also have to manage the business aspect of it, figure out how to sell the game. I’m still trying to find that balance – it’s very delicate. How do you put in enough to make sure it sells, while remaining true to your vision?”

Anyone worried about Metal Gear ending anytime soon needn’t worry. It looks like business-Kojima is wining for the time being. “I did have the feeling that I wanted to end the series, but looking back at it now as a producer, I think as long as people want to keep on playing it, I want to keep on meeting that demand. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

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