PlayStation Trophy news this week 23/11/11

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we catch a leaked glimpse at some of the cups available in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the smack gets well and truly laid down on the WWE ’12 trophy cabinet, and we have a top tip for having 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City.

The big news

The EU release may not be due until February 2012, but this week the first trophies have leaked out for Final Fantasy XIII-2. No spoilers here as they are pretty vague – performing a ‘significant number’ of actions, spending a ‘fortune’ and defeating ‘an army’s worth’ of enemies, though no doubt they will all take a long time to rack up. Many of Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s rewards are still hidden for now, but these should be revealed next month once the game hits Japan. You can read our interview with Fina Fantasy XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama  if you want more on the game.


Out this week

WWE ’12 grapples onto PS3 this week with a set of trophies which are heavily focussed on customisation and online sharing. Most of WWE ’12′s trophies can be cleared quickly but for some you will need to encourage other players to rate and download your creations. Regular Road To WrestleMania completion awards return plus there are a number of challenges which must be completed in one session, requiring plenty of time and effort to achieve.


Top trophy tip

For the Storyteller trophy in Batman: Arkham City you must visit Calendar Man on 12 specific days of the year coinciding with certain holidays. Handily the planner by his cell below the Courthouse has these dates circled, so make a note of them then change your PS3 date setting appropriately (keep the same year) each time before you load. Hear his unique story for that date then leave the Courthouse to ensure progress is saved – next time you load the date should be crossed off the planner. Much easier than playing for a whole year!