Hideo Kojima, “It may be hard to get into Rising”

Hideo Kojima

There’s no doubt that Rising is going to be a different take on the Metal Gear universe – no more Snake creeping around, a lot more robo-Raiden slicing up soldiers and mechs. Even Kojima’s got his doubts about how fans will receive it. 

“If somebody thinks ‘I love Snake’ and just really wants traditional stealth gameplay and that experience, then it may be hard to get into Rising” Kojima told Official PlayStation Magazine UK for their exclusive interview cover. However, he does think it’s more a case of managing expectations, “but for people who are more open and willing to try new things, it shouldn’t be a problem” he adds. “Raiden in MGS 4 was received very well, and I wanted to keep going with that direction in Rising. The people who liked him in 4 will like him in this, but it’s a personal preference”

At least Raiden’s staring role is up front this time. Fans didn’t take kindly to discovering him as the surprise star in MGS 2, a decision that Hideo Kojima still defends. “The character in the game is supposed to equal the player, so if you want to introduce things to a new recruit, you have to learn how to interact with that world along with the character. If we had Snake [in MGS 2] he was this old, experienced veteran and there would’ve been a disconnect with the [new] players. So that’s why we brought in Raiden.”

Heh, “I love Snake”.

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