New, new Hitman game on the way. Not IO developed.


Apparently it’s a new game in ‘the Hitman franchise’ so that could be anything. An FPS? RGP? A – shudder – multiplayer thing? The news came when Square Enix announced they were expanding their Deus Ex: Human Revolution studio Eidos Montreal. The new studio will be called Square Enix Montreal, create 150 new jobs and handle the new game, the first not developed by creators IO who are currently working on Hitman Absolution

It sounds like Square are going to follow the Call of Duty studio rotation plan with Lee Singleton, the new studio boss, telling Gamasutra that ”Square Enix Montreal will work in step with IO Interactive so we can both contribute great games to the Hitman franchise in the future. We will increase the frequency of game releases, but we have no plans to migrate the franchise to Montreal in its entirety”. Although it’s possible that this could be an entirely new type of game all together with Singleton adding “We’ve not locked our tech solution yet, but we do have an option to use the proprietary Glacier 2 engine that’s been developed by IO Interactive in Denmark”.

That means the Canadian arm of Square Enix are now working on a new Hitman game, Thief 4, reportedly the next Deus Ex and a fourth unannounced game. Busy, then.