Kojima on Rising, “If something goes against everything Metal Gear is, I’ll say something”

Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising might star Raiden as a sword slashing cyborg instead of Snake, and focus on action rather than stealth, but its most distinguishing feature is it’s the Metal Gear game Hideo Kojima isn’t in charge of. Unlike previous installments where he’s said that before, only to then get involved, so far it’s staying that way.

“This time I’ve been really hands-off, letting it go on its own with the new team” says Kojima. “It’s not like I’m giving up complete control. It’s that point in the beginning – the core concept, finding that seed. So the concept came from the staff – they got the idea to use Raiden as the main character and to make it into an action game. Even the story: I try not to read it, because if I do then I’ll want to say something and get sucked back in again!”

Rising isn’t without some Kojima influence though “Very early on I set boundaries and I gave some feedback. If there’s something I feel crosses a line and goes against everything Metal Gear is, then I’ll say something. But as much as possible I try to preserve the boundary.” So, what’s the latest? “It’s moving forward, but it’s different from Metal Gear up to this point.”

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