Skyrim review – why we’re delaying our verdict

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - spell

Unless you’ve been so lost in the latest Elder Scrolls’ dragon-filled frozen wilderness you’ve given up reading the interwebs and natural light, you’ve probably heard about Skyrim save file lag issues on PS3  suffering from near unplayable lag. Last week, we posted an article detailing how dozens of gamers on Bethesda’s forums are currently suffering from game-breaking problems when their save data grows to anywhere between the 5-10MB mark.

These problems include lag so offensive, it looks like you’re playing a kid’s popup book, not being able to interact with NPCs and quests you simply can’t complete. As it stands, many PS3 copies of the game seem to be plain broken and that’s why we’re delaying our Skyrim review.

Normally, we’d have posted our verdict by now. Our man’s been playing the face clean off the epic RPG for over a week. However, in light of these potentially game-ruining issues, we don’t feel we can post our score until there’s definitive news on whether Bethesda is working on a patch that can fix these issues.

Thankfully, the latest Twitter Skyrim news suggests a patch will arrive in early December at the latest. So apologies if you’ve waited for our review over the last week. Under the circumstances, though, it seems unfair to deliver a verdict on a version of a game that is currently inflicted with huge problems that may or may not be fixed by this upcoming patch.

In the meantime, here’s footage of the horrible Skyrim lag in action courtesy of Future Games Editor-in-chief Tim Clark.