Monday’s PS3 video round up


It’s that time again (no, not when you threaten to stick your head in the office microwave because it’s Monday morning). Instead, it’s time to view some of the funniest, most glitchy and downright weird PS3 videos the world wide ‘thing that comes out of a spider’s ass’ has to offer.

In this edition of our video round up, we’ve got epic Skyrim dancing (no lag here, no sir), the world disappearing from under Drake’s feet in Uncharted 3 and a Juggernaut being felled by a mighty care package in Modern Warfare 3. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what Solid Snake’s sex face looks like, you need wonder no more.

Skyrim’ s epic and extra jaunty dance

Game-breaking lag on the PS3 version of Bethesda’s vast dragon-make-dead-sim might be currently making Leon cry salty fantasy tears, but this hella spirited (and glitchy) jig should hopefully turn all those RPG enthusiasts’ frowns upside down. Thankfully, it looks like the great Skyrim PS3 lag problem may soon be fixed by an upcoming patch.

Modern Warfare 3′s embarrassing Juggernaut death

Apparently, in COD’s world of manly soup strainers, third world wars and random acts of small children blowing up; the care package is mightier than a seven-foot bloke wrapped in a near impenetrable bomb defusal suit. Something this lol-worthy footage of Juggernaut death proves. Read our Modern Warfare 3 review to find out why it sends the trilogy off on an explodey high.

Uncharted 3′s disappearing map glitch

Nathan Drake can best many things. Huge blokes who can take around 193 kicks to the crotch before they’ll go down. Small armies of men toting AKs. And mega death-defying 40-foot jumps. What he struggles with, is when the entire world vanishes from under his feet and he’s forced to fight in a weird texture-free Matrix. Check out our Uncharted 3 multiplayer tips to improve your acrobatic K/D ratio.

Saints Row: The Third’s Star Wars spoof

Luke, I am your second cousin, thrice removed on your adopted half sister’s side. Oh how we do love a little Vader gag with our Monday morning triple decker bacon/sausage/black pudding roll. As Saints Row goes, the above action is thoroughly grounded and sensible. Our Saints Row: The Third review will tell you why all the zany action can’t match GTA IV, though.

Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection’s sex face shenanigans

And finally, we have Solid ‘Dave’ Snake phoning up his best mate while indulging in a little sneaking suit-fondling fun. Find a poster in one of the lockers in MGS2′s tanker opening, ring up Otacon and witness Snake making his trouser serpent happy for the game’s Snake Beater trophy. Read about what MGS creator Hideo Kojima has been eating this week in our weekly Hids Twitter round up.