How to fix FIFA 12 difficulty problems

FIFA 12 difficulty: the perfect fix

It’s a familiar gripe with FIFA 12: Pro difficulty is too easy, World Class is too cheaty. But if it’s one that has been causing you to beat the floor in agony over yet another last minute defeat, worry no more. We’ve found the perfect fix.

Well, ‘we’ is a tiny bit of a fib – it actually came from us from Twitter user @Olimite, who brought to our attention an incredible set of FIFA-fixing sliders created by a chap named Wootball over on (Wootball’s real name is Daniel Stringer and he can also be found on Twitter @dan_stringer.)

What exactly are sliders? They’re a means of applying custom settings for all manner of gameplay parameters, and have become commonplace in sports titles like MLB: The Show and Madden over the last few years. This edition of FIFA is the first to have them – and that’s good news because you can finally overcome those difficulty migraines.

So how do you do this? First, go into settings and change the game speed to slow. This, coupled with these sliders, makes it easier to put your foot on the ball without the computer charging in to make impossi-tackles every time you get into its half. More generally, it also gives you an extra split-second to think about what you’re doing in both attack and defence.

Now go into the human slider settings (second tab from the far left in the settings menu) and change ONLY the following parameters:

Sprint 55
Acceleration 55
Pass Speed 60
GK Ability 50
Positioning: Run Frequency 80
Power Bar 60

Now switch to the AI sliders tab (far right in the settings menu) and again, change only the following parameters.

Sprint 55
Acceleration 55
Pass Error 62
Pass speed 60
GK Ability 46
Positioning: Run Frequency 80
Positioning: Line Width 60
Positioning: Fullback Positioning 60

For a detailed explanation of exactly what each tweak does, I again direct you to Wootball’s post. The guy knows his stuff. The one amendment we’ve made is to keep the injury slider set to default – for us it throws up the kind of random knacks you see week in, week out in real football. But if you’re frustrated by the number of injuries you’re getting, by all means lower that slider too.

As a base set this should instantly transform your FIFA 12 experience for the better. Playing a career mode as Manchester City on world class, I recently lost a league cup game to Yeovil where they ping-pong passed the ball into the net twice in the first ten minutes. With these sliders, that type of nonsense is eliminated, but you still face a tough challenge against teams of equal or better ability. And hey, that’s reality. Overall, we’re finding FIFA now plays a superb game of football from Premiership level all the way down to League Two, balanced on both sides of the ball. Honestly, you have to try these.

Let us know how you get on with these sliders in the comments section below.